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We have experience auditing virtually any type of platform and code base, working with both vendors, enterprises, and startups. Combining a variety of techniques, tools and rigorous methodology, we discover design flaws and implementation vulnerabilities that others have missed. We understand complex systems and have extensive expertise providing fine-tuned application security. We will find bugs, but we know that is just the first step in the process.

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Reverse engineering is the art of extracting knowledge or design information from a built artifact. Understanding the nitty-gritty details of a proprietary network protocol, extrapolating vulnerability details from a binary patch, or reproducing obfuscated routines are just a few examples of the reverse engineering challenges successfully executed by our team. We enjoy solving those technical puzzles and we are well equipped to provide tailored services in this space.

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After years of experience in big tech companies and startups, we understand the need for security automation to improve efficacy and efficiency during SDLC activities. Our exposure to real-life solutions deployed by organizations to solve complex security problems has taught us how to design and implement security tools. With the knowledge gained, Doyensec has the right combination of skillsets to design, develop, tune and deploy security testing tools.

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Doyensec is an independent security research and development company focused on vulnerability discovery and remediation. We discover vulnerabilities others cannot and help mitigate risk by providing actionable solutions. In other words, we're an offensive security firm working with the frame of reference of a blue team. We are re-imagining and fundamentally improving how to provide application security solutions by building a research-driven company where expertise and craftsmanship blend together. Thanks to our work, we enable trust in our client's products and evolve the resilience of the digital ecosystem.

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Luca Carettoni

Always look ahead and above yourself. Always try to improve on yourself. Always strive to elevate your craft.

- Yoshikazu Ono, Jiro Dreams of Sushi
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John Villamil

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US Office
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Luca Carettoni

When working with Doyensec, you will be working directly with its founders. We are the points of contact, the negotiators, the problem solvers, and the hackers.

For proposals or questions: info@doyensec.com or +1 (628) 333 9093

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