After several years of experience in big tech companies and startups, we understand the need for security automation to improve efficacy and efficiency during SDLC activities. Our exposure to real-life solutions deployed by organizations to solve complex security problems taught us how to design and implement robust security mechanisms.

Doyensec has the right combination of skillsets to design, develop, tune and deploy security tools and prototypes. We are uniquely equipped to recommend opportunities for security improvement and then help to implement those controls.

Security Tools Development

We're an offensive security firm working with the frame of reference of a blue team. When we discover a vulnerability we don't stop there, but instead automate the process to improve coverage and efficiency. We've created fuzzers for esoteric protocols and file formats, built tools to scan the Internet for vulnerabilities, and developed swiss-army-knife Burp plugins.

We advocate craftsmanship in what we build, and are capable of providing ready to use solutions for security testing and automation.

Custom Security Software Prototyping

Implementing resilient security solutions requires a combination of software engineering skills with an offensive security mindset. At Doyensec, we take pride in building software just as much as we enjoy breaking it. We have developed patches for software products, and security libraries to defend against common web attacks and have created proof-of-concept code to demonstrate innovative defensive techniques.

Software prototyping projects are handled with a high degree of customization to provide a unique solution, and suit the customer's specific needs. We're a research-driven application security consultancy that builds tailored solutions on multiple platforms through multiple languages.

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When working with Doyensec, you will be working directly with its founders. We are the points of contact, the negotiators, the problem solvers, and the hackers.

For proposals or questions: or +1 (628) 333 9093

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